Oracle E-Business Suite
ORACLE E-Business Suite Special Edition


Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition is a fully integrated suite of core business applications that support all your key business processes, including financials, purchasing, inventory management, order management, discrete manufacturing, sales, and business intelligence.

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The steps that comprise our methodology are as follows:

1) Consultation
Our solution process begins with an on-site consultation to assess your current Infrastructure environment and to also identify your business' unique needs. During this assessment we document our findings and provide recommendations that will maximize your business' technology.

2) Planning
Once the assessment is complete, we create a strategic plan to map the solution integration with your current computing configuration. The plan also identifies and allocates required resources, specific deliverables and details the completion schedule.

3) Implementation
After the strategic plan is created, our team of experts then implements your solution. Precision installation, testing to compliance and documentation as needed are performed through our professional and team-oriented delivery. We guarantee that our installations meet the guidelines of industry standards organizations.

Star consultants apply this proven methodology to the creation of solutions for all major areas including:

Backup & Recovery,
One of the unfortunate, yet undeniable realities of conducting business today is the possibility of disaster. Our team of experts will design the most complete solution to keep your data protected and accessible to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

High Availability
The ability to conduct business 24/7 also comes with 24/7 demands. Your critical data and applications must be available at any time for your partners, suppliers and investors. Star Systems Engineering understands these demands and designs custom-solutions to ensure your systems are continuously running, continuously available-while also being aligned with your business' unique needs.

Storage Management
In today's competitive and demanding economy, data is the heart of your business. Now more than ever you need an efficient storage management solution that will keep your data available while effectively storing and managing it. At Star Systems we design a custom storage management solution that will help your business optimize its data so you can boost your revenue, inspire new ideas and build your competitive edge.

Systems Integration
To remain competitive in today's marketplace, you must have the right combination of expertise and experience to ensure you have the most efficient systems for your business. Star's team of highly trained engineers and architects creates solutions that will employ only necessary resources for your business, large or small, to save you time and money. Utilizing Star's expert systems integration can also alleviate the possibility of downtime and the loss of revenue.

Many analysts today consider e-business to be a significant segment in the future of the marketplace, and your business must be properly equipped in order to ensure longevity and a successful future. At Star we design custom e-business solutions that will develop and optimize your e-commerce technology and critical applications, allowing your enterprise to achieve success and remain competitive.

The confidence and trust of your customers, partners and suppliers depends on how secure your data and critical systems are. Your security solution must protect your enterprise's information assets while establishing a solid foundation for building and expanding your business. At Star we understand the impact of security on your business' bottom line, and our solutions are designed to protect your information while focusing on your individual business needs.

Data Management
With the vast increase in volume, types and sources of data in today's business climate, it is crucial to gain the most benefit from every byte. Star Systems offers solutions to help manage and generate added value from your data supply with solutions for Data Conversions, Data Manipulation and Data Warehousing. With full expertise and resources to handle all of today's common database formats, Star can help ensure you have the quality data you need always readily accessible, in the format and location you need.